Toki n' Skulls

Quick doodles of Toki. A little more effort was put into these compared some first attempts I did a week or so ago. Still trying to figure him out.

I need to get more comfortable with exaggerated expressions and the only way I know how to do that is by understanding how the skull relates to the muscle and flesh. I took some google images of a dude and planted skulls inside of the overall sketch so I could see how everything related. Expect more of these due to me being a neurotic, paranoid mess right now.

I’m seeing some mistakes in the lower jaw’s teeth alignment, but at least I know what they are and how to potentially fix them next time.

Vent doodle! Having OCD and neurosis is fun


1-3min studies based on google images.

Non referenced doodles of a drunk Pickles from the show, Metalocalypse.


Pits N People

Gestures! 1-2min studies of various people I’ve come across the past couple of weeks. The woman at the top was dancing like a drunk. God bless the uncoordinated; you get interesting poses from them!

20sec doodles / no reference

Rick & Morty Doodles

Some month old sketches I did of the R&M crew when preparing for a test. I didn’t get the gig but the experience was really fun and invaluable!

I was trying to get these guys on model and doing so is extremely tricky. The style’s deceptive in matching exactly; it seems easy but it’s not. To those of you who can do it, you’re gods, I tell ya’. I’m a lot better at drawing these characters now but still they’re a hassle, haha.